Investment Process


We emphasize continuity of the deal team throughout the lifecycle of a transaction.

Our investment process includes the following:


  • Long-term client relationships
  • Financial sponsors
  • Financial Intermediaries
  • Industry service professionals
  • Management teams and entrepreneurs

Evaluation and approval

  • Traditional, rigorous credit evaluation based on cashflow, collateral and character of the client
  • Initial Partner Screening
  • Outline the term sheet and financing proposal
  • Assign a deal team
  • Begin the formal approval process
  • Identify key due diligence steps
  • Prepare memo for the Investment Committee

Structuring considerations

  • Appropriate investment size
  • Appropriate levels of leverage
  • Establishing risk/reward parameters
  • Covenant preparation/analysis
  • Governance and reporting requirements

Create value after closing

  • Board of Directors’ observation rights
  • Sourcing of acquisition targets
  • Debt capital markets advisory
  • Source of future expansion capital
  • Introductions to other industry contacts
  • Flash reports on financial information
  • At least monthly reporting from companies
  • Active dialogue with management
  • Regular internal calls

Realizing value

  • Strong strategic and financial buyer network
  • Act as an internal “investment banker”
  • Disciplined exit strategy
  • Puts/calls in private company transactions for equity positions